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When you donate your spare change, you open doors to new homes and brighter futures for people experiencing homelessness. Your support helps people do more than get off the streets – it provides the foundation for a better life.

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About Community Housing Partnership

Community Housing Partnership believes that home has the power to stabilize a person’s life. Built on a simple-but-powerful idea called supportive housing, we are building a new future for our city by providing people experiencing homelessness a home combined with support, like mental health services and job training, and advocating for policies that alleviate and prevent homelessness.

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A New Way to Change a Life

Connect a card. Shop as usual. Automatically donate your change.

Small Change

You may not always carry spare change to help someone suffering on the street. Now, you can automatically turn every coffee run, take-in dinner, or online shopping spree into a way to directly change lives and solve homelessness — all by simply rounding up your change.

Big Impact

Set up, sit back, and watch your change make a difference. You'll see the impact you're making each month as you help provide a home and stability to someone who has experienced homelessness in your community. Track your contributions via text alerts, and control your impact by adjusting your monthly giving any time.

Changing Lives

When you sign up, you will join a community that has helped thousands of people experiencing homelessness find a permanent home and build a better life. When we work together, we can build a new future for our neighborhoods and city we love. One home, one life, one coffee at a time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Round-Ups?

A "Round-Up" is the term we use to describe the spare change captured from automatically rounding up your transactions to the next dollar. For instance, if you bought a coffee for $2.43 on your connected credit/debit card, we would add 57 cents to your Round Up's page.

When will my 1st Round-Ups show up?

We receive updates from institutions approximately 4-6 times a day. Anytime a new transaction has been posted to your bank account, we will add the change to your Round-Up's page. Depending on your banking institution, multiple transactions may be posted to your bank account all at once. If this happens, we will take the sum of the change from each transaction and post it to your Round-Up's page.

Does my change get donated immediately after every purchase?

Not exactly. To avoid high credit/debit processing fees, the change from your transactions is accumulated each month and then donated on the lasonation as possible goes towards our cause instead of bank/credit card fees. It also allows you to set a "Monthly Limit" on how much you donated via Round-Ups so you can give comfortably.

Why do you need my bank login information?

Round-Ups require you to log in and select the account (card) you want to connect. This authorizes us to receive transaction updates to determine your Round-Ups. During this step, you are interfacing directly with your financial institution. We DO NOT touch, receive or handle ANY of your login credentials. That information is encrypted by your institution and heavily protected using bank-t day of the month. This ensures that as much of your Round-Up Dlevel security protocol.